Week 7: HTML -> WP Theme

Converting an XHTML/CSS site into a WordPress Theme

We will be continuing our conversion of the forager html/css template into a WordPress Theme.

Barebones Theme

Also, take a look at this theme, which will act as a great base point for future conversions:

Side Navigation

<!-- Begin Left -->
            <div id="left">
                <!-- Begin Subnav -->
                <div id="subnav">
$args = array(
	'title_li' => '',
	'child_of' => 37,
	'link_before' => '<span class="link">',
	'link_after'=>'</span> <span class="arrow">&gt;</span>'
                <!-- End Subnav -->
            <!-- End Left -->
		#subnav ul .arrow {
		#subnav ul .current_page_item {
			color:#420000;		/* chocolate brown */
		#subnav ul .current_page_item .link{
			text-decoration: underline;
		#subnav .current_page_item .arrow {

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