Lecture 3: Getting Setup


Configure your site
You can pick and choose but you must implement at least 3 of these changes:

  • Create a Title and Subtitle for your site
  • Modify your page URLs to contain the titles of your pages
  • Add a new user
  • Add more information to Your Profile
  • Add/Edit Links

Lecture Notes

Getting Started

Let’s explore the admin panel. There’s a lot to managing blogs and pages in WordPress that you will find just looking around, but if you would like more explicit details, Mike Sinkula has notes for you:

Admin Panel

Today we covered:

  • Adding/Editing Users
  • Plugins
    • Installing Plugins
    • Dangers of Plugins
    • Recommendations
      • Akismet
      • WP Super Cache
      • AntiVirus
      • pageMash
      • postMash
  • Managing Links

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