WEB150: Introduction to JavaScript

Programs: Information Technology Applications Support, Programming, Web Design, and Web Development AAS options.
Time: Mon/Wed: 3:30pm – 5pm
Room: 3168
Instructor: Adam Eivy
Credits: 3
Class Hours: 35
Length of Course: 11 weeks
Prerequisite: WEB110
Required Book: None (Web Materials and Lectures only)

Course Description
In-depth look at programming concepts, techniques and styles affecting web page design. Examines theoretical concepts that make JavaScript programming unique, including problem-solving strategies.

Course Goals
Upon successful completion of WEB150, the student will be able to do the following:

  • Describe the uses of JavaScript, including pros and cons
  • Explain how JavaScript differs from Java
  • Declare and use variables
  • Define and call functions
  • Use object inheritance and methods
  • Use data types: strings and arrays
  • Use expressions
  • Use arithmetic, assignment, comparisons and logical operators
  • Explain the window, history, location and navigator objects
  • Interpret error messages (be able to use Firebug for debugging code)
  • Validate a form with JavaScript
  • Write Unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Understand the Pros and Cons of Using JavaScript Libraries

Required Text
No books are required for this class. Online Readings will be assigned on lecture days

Recommended Text

  • DOM Scripting by Jeremy Keith ISBN 1590595335
  • PPK on JavaScript by Peter-Paul Koch ISBN 0321423305
  • JavaScript, the Definitive Guide by David Flanagan
  • more advanced and additional recommendations can be provided by request

Required Materials
Disk space, server space for hosting assignments and an email address.

Evaluation Methods

  • Participation and Attendance
    • 25% of your final grade
    • Attendance is mandatory each week
    • Students are expected to participate in lecture, discussions and lab time
  • Class Assignments:
    • 25% of your final grade
    • Assignments will be given at the end of each lecture and will be due at the beginning of the lab the following week. Late assignments will be penalized 10% for every class day they are late. Assignments are only accepted up to two weeks late otherwise the student will receive no credit on the assignment.
  • Final Exam:
    • 25% of your final grade
    • There will be a final exam on the lecture notes and readings from the previous weeks. The exam will be open note, open Google, etc… You are expected to know how to run code to test it and how to look up reference materials when needed.
  • Final Project:
    • 25% of your final grade
    • The final project will be a culmination of everything covered in the class. Students must create a final project page utilizing everything they learned.

ADA Confirmation
(Americans with Disabilities Act) If you need course adaptations or Accommodations because of a disability, if you have emergency medical information to share with me, or if you need or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment with me ASAP.

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