Week 10

Assignment: Work on Your Final Project


Book: CSS Mastery
Chapter: 9 – Bugs and Bug Fixing

Lecture Notes

CSS Libraries

Getting Ready for Production

On small sites, developers will typically publish the same code they work with. It’s easy to manage and the css/js/html is not so heavy that you are worried about load times.
On larger sites, or sites with heavy traffic, you may find great benefit in compressing your code. By doing this, you will have 1 copy of your code that you edit (the developer version or source code) and another copy that is sent to the web for users to download (the production version).

Evaluating Using YSlow

YSlow is a FireBug plugin for firefox that grades your site based on some performance criteria setup by Yahoo!

CSS Compression/Decompression

JavaScript Compression/Decompression

Other Compression (gzip)

Web servers are typically configured to use gzip compression for html, javascript, css and images. This gives you extra compression on top of your js/css compression.


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