Final Project

Your final project is a website, created from all the tools and techniques you’ve learned in this class (and any other tools and techniques you’ve picked up).
The theme, concept, purpose of the site is completely up to you–however, I STRONGLY recommend that you create a Portfolio site–even if you have nothing yet to show on it. I am still using the portfolio I made in my days at Seattle Central, which you are welcome to pirate for ideas: Adam Eivy’s Portfolio.
You will present your site to the class on the day of the final or on the last class of the week before.

Final: Tuesday, December 15th: 3:30pm-5:30pm in room 3174

Explain any details needed to pass the site off to another developer (it’s common for you to do this if you are making a site for a medium-large sized company). Manage your time. Your presentation does not have to be a specific length but make sure we have the information we need without taking all day to present it. You should be good with 5-15 minutes.

Email me a link to your final project site before the end of the Final exam day (or it may not get graded).

Your final presentation will be graded as follows:

3 thoughts on “Final Project”

  1. Here’s my final’s url. Didn’t have time to finish debugging the contact page, as simple as it is. Somethings I think I may have to update for it to pass through the validation…when my site transitions to PHP those dreams will come to fruition.

    I’m in web120, but I was wondering if you or anyone else will be teaching another wordpress class soon. I really wanted to take that. Will you be leaving the lectures online over the break?

    1. Yes. This site will remain up indefinitely. I will not be teaching next quarter (moving to Germany for a year starting in January)–but probably Mike Sinkula will be teaching WordPress–Maybe Raven. Not sure what the schedule is for next quarter…

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