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WEB 120, Week 1 Lecture Notes

I just finished the Week 1 curriculum for WEB 120 (Web Authoring II).

Class starts on Tuesday.

UPDATE: 2009.01.04, 12:21AM

I just realized that one of the books assigned for this class (not by me) is not good. It teaches some very out-of-date markup and should not be purchased by the students of this class.

This book will NOT be used for this class:

Book: HTML, XHTML, and CSS, 6th Edition (Visual Quickstart Guide)


Author: E. Castro
ISBN: 0321430840

If you have already purchased it and for some reason feel like keeping it, note that we are going to cover chapters 1-6 in the first week (but not in so many words and we will be bypassing all of the bad practices). The book does have some valuable and relevant information but it is hiding behind a lot of cruft.

We will only be using the second book marked as ‘required’ for this course (also not chosen by me but looks decent so far):

Book: CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions (2006)
Author: Andy Budd
ISBN: 978-1590596142

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