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Award Firework Alternative with jquery.imgExplosion

Don’t ask me why, but I needed a way to explode some stars in a fancy animation on a page. At first I found Fireworks.js, which was kinda cool at first–but I quickly realized a few things:

1. It’s using raw javascript, which is a pity if you are already loading the power of jquery and jquery.ui
2. It wasn’t what I really wanted. I wanted STARS!

So, I bring you, jquery.imgExplosion:

Although, the default implementation uses a star graphic I whipped up in Illustrator:

You can still attach the plugin to any image–either on the page or not. Soccer balls? Severed heads? I don’t care what you do with it but FORK the code if you’ve got improvement ideas.
Check out the Demos Page for examples.

Download/Fork on Github




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