Week 01: Hosting/Domain

The below assignment is a set of questions in addition to the Technical Specs document you will present at the Client Interview.

Since some of the projects involve creating new sites, we need to make sure the client understands the need for hosting and domain registration. We also need to double check for our own records that the client’s webhost supports WordPress.

You must have the client answer the following questions and email me (aeivy [at] sccd.ctc.edu) the answers by Monday:

  1. What is the domain name for the final site?
    • If the client does not have a domain, you need to make sure they know that they need one and get it on the To Do list.
  2. Where will the site be hosted?
    • If the client does not yet have a webhost, recommend Dreamhost. Using the promo code TREEHOUSE will give them $97 off, a free domain registration and 1 click-install for WordPress :)
  3. Does the host support PHP/MySQL?
    • This is something you will need to investigate yourself.

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