Week 02b: Base CMS Setup

We are going to be referring to the WordPress Course lectures throughout this ITC210.

Lecture 1: Intro to WordPress

Lecture 2: Installation

After installing WordPress, you might want to do the following:

  1. Disable Registration (should be this way by default)

  2. Disable anonymous comments by setting WordPress to require authenticated users for commenting:

  3. Create a new Admin User for yourself (and each of your team members)

  4. Create an Editor User for your client (this will allow your client to edit and create content without being a super-user)

  5. Change Permalinks to standard URLs: /%postname%/

  6. Edit your user account to remove the Admin Bar when viewing the site (it throws off your CSS!)

  7. Before backing up the wordpress installation on your local machine, you might want to purge out all the plugins and themes that came with the installation. Dreamhost by default installs a crazy amount.
  8. SFTP backup whole site for editing (remember, you should never use insecure FTP unless you have no other option)
  9. Install some plugins. You can do this right from the WordPress Admin:

    Here is a list of plugins I recommend checking out… but DO NOT blindly install all of them:

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