Final Project

This course results in a final project, chosen by each student.
Here are some ideas, depending on your degree path:

Web Development

  • Website (a portfolio for yourself is nice)
  • A Web Service
  • A LinkData Application
  • …Or make up your own

Web Design

  • Company Rebranding
  • Website Design (Complete)
  • …Or make up your own


  • Desktop Application
  • iPhone Application
  • Adobe AIR Application
  • Java Application
  • …Or make up your own

Throughout the course, we will build up your project, using lectures as guidance to create all the planning and accounting materials you will need.

Your final project will be comprised of the following tasks and documentation:

  • 10% Document: Project Scope (list of tasks to be expanded into a timeline)
  • 10% Document: Project Timeline (deliverable dates for tasks: Example)
  • 10% Document: Resources used (libraries, 3rd party API, etc)
  • 10% Document: Timesheet
  • 10% Document: Code (internal) and Features (external)
  • 50% Complete and Present Project. Talk about:
    • The design
    • Awesome points
    • Limitations
    • Did you use any 3rd party code (and what was it?)
    • Optimizations that have been made or could be made
    • Anything still in progress?

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