IT Capstone Project

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» Final Project

Week 1: Introductions and Getting Setup
Topic: Explaining course and meeting with each of you to discuss your project ideas. Discus Subversion (Google Code + RapidSVN).
Assignment: Brainstorm a project idea. Create a Project Proposal.

Week 2:
Topic: Creating a scope for your project. This is a list of all task items that we will use to create a timeline. This list will also serve as our checklist for determining completion of the project at the end of the quarter.
Status: Everyone should have a subversion repository now (google code or somewhere else–Dreamhost). Going over scope and required documents.

  • Organize your documents with
  • Create and share a document containing your scope (task check list)

Week 3:
Topic: Setting up a timeline
Assignment: Create a projected timeline (Example Timeline)

Week 4:
Topic: Documenting time
Assignment: Start a timesheet

Week 5:

  • Code Documentation
  • TODO Items and Bugs
  • User Voice

Assignment: Create and share a document for non-code documentation

Week 6-10:
Topic: Work on Project
Assignment: Progress Report (updated hours and task list)

Week 11:
Presenting projects and turning in all documentation


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