This Agreement Shall Be Read Together

When reviewing legal documents, you may come across a phrase that reads, “this agreement shall be read together.” This statement may seem straightforward, but it actually holds significant implications for the interpretation and enforcement of the agreement.

Essentially, the phrase “this agreement shall be read together” means that all of the provisions within the document should be considered as a whole, rather than individually. In other words, each clause and section should be read in conjunction with the others to derive the full and complete meaning of the agreement.

This approach to reading legal documents is known as the “holistic” approach, as it views the agreement as an integrated whole rather than a series of disconnected parts. By taking a holistic approach, parties to the agreement can ensure that each provision is interpreted in light of the overall intent of the agreement, rather than in isolation.

In practice, this means that a court interpreting the agreement will consider the meaning of each provision in the context of the agreement as a whole. This can be especially important in cases where there may be conflicting provisions or ambiguity in the language used. By reading the agreement as a whole, the court can better determine the true intent of the parties and ensure that the agreement is enforced in a manner consistent with that intent.

It is worth noting that the phrase “this agreement shall be read together” is not always included in legal documents. However, even in the absence of such a statement, courts will typically apply a holistic approach to interpreting agreements unless there is clear evidence to the contrary.

Overall, the phrase “this agreement shall be read together” may seem like a small detail in a legal document, but it holds significant implications for how the agreement is interpreted and enforced. By taking a holistic approach to reading the agreement, parties can ensure that each provision is understood in the context of the broader agreement, leading to more effective communication and stronger agreements overall.